Presentation script: 201MC

  1. AT the start of this module I wasn’t sure what or who I wanted to be. I just had several rough ideas. So the first step for me was to understand my strengths. I have always done music reviews, kept up to date with music news and also I have pasted work experience in that area so I decided to focus on that area. So after thinking about these things it made sense to me to undertake music journalism.
  2. NEXT I had to figure out what type of journalism I wanted to focus on. In first year I really wanted to try TV journalism and found it wasn’t for me as I didn’t expect to feel as much pressure as I did being in front of the camera. I moved to radio and took to it much more naturally and decided I would try to improve my radio skills more. As for written journalism I had always been writing constantly either for my blog or various websites so I would continue to do so.
  3. AFTER narrowing down my journalistic type to written and radio I set about trying to find work experience. Even after deciding on music to specialise in I had trouble really finding work experience that I enjoyed. I would apply to anything and everything because I was so worried about my chances in such a competitive environment. And the work I did get I didn’t really enjoy and wasnt very inspired by it. For example I got an internship at GoCarShare which is basically a start up company for car sharing for events like festivals. So say someone is driving to Glastonbury from Coventry you can grab a lift if you’re from Cov or along the the way there for cheap as they have spaces in their car they are selling or vice versa. So what I did as the journalist and social media head was write about certain festivals for the website or the newsletter and so on which was good but however when they would come to me with things like ‘I need you to come up with something to do with cars or car sharing ect’ I was hopeless like I can’t even drive so I really stopped enjoying the work and felt really low and eventually quit. because I realised it wasn’t something I wanted to do, I wasn’t passionate about it and it caused me a lot of stress because i was struggling but too intimidated by the working environment to say anything.
  4. SO with a couple of knock backs from work experience I’d done so far I was beginning to struggle. Then 201 introduced me to Creative Futures which is an amazing team of people dedicated to helping you gain employability. I booked an appointment as basically we spent the whole hour deciding on what I actually wanted to do in the music industry. I thought I’d narrowed it down but I needed to narrow it down further still. For example what genre of music should I specialise in, what area of music should I specialise in, particular companies I’d like to work for and so on. I made another appointment which then focused on my CV and how to channel basically everything we’d just talked about in the first session to show that in my CV. Making everything more original which included the layout. I decided to remake my CV on photoshop so it stood out to everyone reading it.
  5. FROM then on the work experience I gained was a lot more enjoyable because it was focusing a lot more on who I wanted to be as a media professional and that was my goal.
  6. MY goal is to be a BBC Radio 1 type presenter or to work in music A&R both focusing on up and coming bands in the indie alternative area.

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