First year refelction


I have been staring at this blank page for days now, trying to put into words what has happened to me in the past 9 months. I feel I like have experienced everything and nothing at the same time. I feel wiser yet still so naive. So you see writing a logical and chronicle recount and analysis of this first year at university is proving to be difficult.

At the start of the year I was excited, nervous and driven. And at the end of the year I am driven. I have learnt new skills during the course of the year in journalism but not nearly enough as I expected, maybe because I’m only in the first year and they didn’t want to overwhelm us. I don’t feel challenged enough and I don’t feel guided enough. I feel like I’ve learnt basic practical skills I could have taught myself if I had the mind to and the equipment to. What I feel is mentally unfulfilled, I thought we would be learning writing skills and journalistic techniques; things that improved my work. But instead we were haphazardly thrown out onto the streets of Coventry and told to ‘find a story’ without any indication what kind or what even is considered news until the very last minute of putting the final product that what you have collected to be told ‘it is not news’ or ‘not what they are looking for exactly’. This was incredibly frustrating but defiantly drove me to better myself and use my own mind to find a story of interest and create something from it whether that be: audio, visual or written.

One tour of the TV studios doesn’t mean you are suddenly capable of using them. Nor does a class full of people crammed into a radio studio being drowned at by an expert make you an expert. I still have a lot to learn in the practical aspect but that comes with time that I simply haven’t had yet at first year.20140520-054625-pm-63985632.jpg

What I enjoyed was the theoretical side of the course the essays we were given-mainly the research I did prior to the essays, really expanded my knowledge on specific aspects I only wish we were taught more in class and brought the theoretical into practice like we did with the law module. I did not receive much feedback throughout the year which if I had been given mid level grades would have been frustrating as I wouldn’t know how to improve but luckily I have been awarded firsts in most essays which has been feedback enough.

What the course has done for me outside of the classroom has boosted my self confidence to consider myself as an actual journalist. I secured my first journalistic job with studentcom writing and actually getting published and payed! (With concert tickets and festival tickets but thats fine by me). I secured my second job with venue Kasbah interviewing artists and reviewing events. Now I am currently working on securing an internship and expecting an interview with one of the companies very soon!

Overall the year as been a year of firsts and a realisation of just how capable I am.


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