CUSU Source Awards


On the 1st of May I attended the CUSU Source awards where all walks of media life; TV, newspaper and radio. Societies joined together to congratulate all its members for their hard work and dedication put into the year and give special recognition to members who have particularly put in a lot of effort or have created amazing content. The event took place at the university owned venue Hush transformed from a night club to a make shift Oscars with little tables dotted around the room with Source pens for each person, a buffet table, a stage and a huge projector screen.

Critical Refection

I surprisingly really enjoyed the event the atmosphere was a relaxed and friendly one. I often find forced social interactions/gatherings awkward but this wasn’t the case. I attended the event as I have a radio show on Source and had nominated a few fellow students to receive an award for the work they put in. What I did not expect was to be nominated myself! I was completely shocked and so were my friends as they looked at me quizzically especially for being nominated for the newspaper section of the awards ceremony for Best Contribution. I had only ever written one article for the paper which must have really knocked their socks off it seems.  This has definitely made me want to contribute more to the paper next year. Unfortunelty I did not win not that I would have been able to make it on to the stage to collect my award anyway as I was completely immobilised by shock of even being nominated, however next year I am determined to win something relating to the paper as I would want to brach out more into this aspect of Source and leave my mark.


As the speeches were made, some good and sum alcohol induced. I actually learnt quite a bit about Source and how getting it to were it is now took years and years of effort and with key members of Source graduating it was up to us to carry on making it as good as it can be. I feel there is a lot of potential in these societies that haven’t been fully exercised yet. I do really want to be a bigger part of this next year and this year mainly focused on me getting my bearings living alone in a new city and so on. Now it is the time to focus on my career and do things to better my employ ability as a journalist but also to do things I enjoy. I really enjoy writing so being a bigger part of the student paper is a goal. I also enjoy music and radio so being more disciplined and dedicated to the student radio station is something I want to maintain.

Overall the Source awards were enjoyable and not just because of the free food and drink though that is always a plus! I got to chat with the head of the newspaper in person which I hadn’t done before and bonded with my friends/co hosts on our radio show and just really enjoyed the atmosphere. The event defiantly inspired me to become more involved next year and hopefully then I shall be me stood on stage with a rather dashing glass trophy like award.


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