Reflection of my time in Teeline

When I first decided to do Teeline shorthand it was a decision I made long before officially joining university. My aspiration is to become a journalist and having a skill like Teeline is ideal when applying for journalistic type jobs to help differentiate yourself from other applicants is a skill that is highly valued in the area of work I am hoping to be involved in. Though at the start I had no knowledge of Teeline whatsoever I was eager to learn and it was important I give it a try. I knew it would be difficult for me because it takes me a long time to remember things, having a bad memory made me apprehensive when choosing this module as I was worried I would not be able to remember the outlines.

An on going struggle with the course was that of my bad memory. I would learn something one week and forget it the next. Which was extremely frustrating and constant rote learning was boring and tedious; I often got distracted when trying to learn out of the classroom.

Rote learning however was a major reason why I retained much of the outlines also when other people whom weren’t taking shorthand found an interest in my topic. I found it fun to teach others and in turn helped me strengthen the information I learnt plus boosted my confidence in what I was doing. Also shorthand became a little quirk I could use to write notes in that others didn’t understand. I have yet to use shorthand in a serious matter because I still don’t feel that confident in my writing to rely on it more than my long hand skill but I suppose that changes with time and practice.

Particular places I struggled on the course was moving out of my comfort zone, just as I got comfortable with learning a rule for one particular outline there would be several more plus exceptions. I over came this with applying the rules rather than just simply rote learning them.

An outline I found difficult to do was the ‘f’ outline. I found it unnatural for my hand to go in that direction and often the outline would be o shaped. I continued to struggle with this outline for a while until I found that going anti clockwise felt and looked better when creating that shape.

I always found that timing wasn’t an issue I could keep up with writing at speed quite well throughout the course the only thing that was time consuming and a bad habit was going over outlines once I drew them in the hopes to improve them because writing at speed can lead to messier outlines. But when doing this I would often miss what the words being said were so my sentence was incomplete, I stopped doing this once I realised this hindered rather than helped my shorthand skill.

As to whether or not I will continue with shorthand next year I don’t know yet. The only think stopping me from continuing it is my wandering interest in other modules. Shorthand is rather tedious after a while and I have a short attention span. If I do well and get a good grade now then there is a good chance I will carry on because again it is ideal for my course however no the most interesting thing I could be doing.


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