Varsity Netball results


On Sunday, due to last minute location changes meant that the Coventry VS. Warwick netball match had to be moved from the scheduled Coventry home grounds to that of Warwick. This hardly dampened our spirits with a phenomenal win for Coventry with an end score of 16-35.

Before the match began the teams huddled either side of the court, Coventry in light blue and Warwick in dark swapping team tactics.

Despite this being an away game the Coventry support came out in its masses, out numbering the Warwick supporters.

The match began strong for both teams with Coventry scouring the first point and Warwick determined to equalise, keeping it close with 3 minutes left of the first quarter 5-7 to Coventry. Coventry stays in the lead, the first quarter finishing with a score of 6-9.

Strong performances from both sides centres as they both matched each other perfectly and kept one another on their toes. Both were committed to the game often there to make important passes to teammates, which set up a lot of goal opportunities for both sides.

One minute into the second quarter Coventry score again. A firm lead of 10 points to Coventry despite Warwick’s goal keeps best efforts there was lacking support from wing defence and goal defence who were kept busy by the fast moving skills of opposing teams wing attack and goal attack.

Six minutes left of the second quarter found Warwick in a bad position having only scored once and Coventry six more times.  The smooth footwork and variety of passes from the Coventry team often meant that the game took place in Warwick’s side of the court.

The half time whistle blows signifying half time with Coventry leading by 6 points.

After a rest up and orange segments passed around the third quarter begins with Warwick swapping in subs for their defensive side. Pulse crowd chanting from Warwick’s side give the team a boots after a shaky start to the match

Several minutes into the game and no points have been scored; tensions run high as players from both teams foul more often with little collisions here and there.

Finally Warwick score half way into the quarter making the score 10-20 however Coventry equalise that goal almost immediately, making the score 10-21.  Coventry now getting into the swing of things stay in the lead at the end of the third quarter adding another six points to their score.

In the final quarter Coventry are in the lead with more than double Warwicks score.

Desperate to catch up with the other team Warwick showed signs of bad sportsmanship kicking the ball away from a Coventry players reach. This earned a healthy ‘boo’ from the on looking crowd.

Coventry gave a final push toward the finish line by scoring a huge six points with only 4 minutes to go and Warwick trailing with four more points scored.

The final whistle blows and the Coventry crowd cheer as they win with a massive final score of 16-35 points.

The Coventry first and second teams win both matches against Warwick making it the first time ever in which the second team have won and the first time ever where both Coventry teams have won against Warwick, making the win all the more worth celebrating.


Critical refection

When collecting footage for my package on the varsity netball match I was with a team from Source. We come across a few problems, the first being the sudden location change from Coventry to Warwick. But determination is perhaps the biggest difference between the ordinary and the good reporter.

We have to be on our toes at all times and in this case we decided to follow the team to Warwick. Being in unfamiliar territory meant that we had difficulty finding the netball courts endanger of missing out on the game and gathering pre-game interviews. ‘Best stories are often found not in the public part of the even but in the time spent before and after chatting to those involved’ (Randall 2007: 37). I found this out to be true when interviewing members of the team we found out facts about these match in particular that were not actually known by us. Such as it was the first time first and second Coventry teams have both won against Warwick on the same night. When interviewing it is important to understand ‘If you’re talking, you are not learning anything. Use your ears more than your mouth’ (Tompkins: 2007: 79). To avoid interrupting I did not speak during answers but used silent listening techniques such as nodding and giving eye contact ‘it shows you are interested and encourages the speaker’ without talking over them (Hudson and Rowlands: 2007: 94). The next step was finding a location to film. A drawback was that we were not allowed to film courtside for very long, which meant we had to move to the balcony where the general public had gathered. As a crowd had gathered already it was difficult to find a good location to film and again difficult to gain varying shots. To make the package more interesting I added audio from the interview I did with members of Coventry’s team, I used background noise of the crowds cheering and chanting. Shots of the crowd themselves were use to make the package more interesting with a simple and concise run down of the match.

When creating my online sports report on the varsity netball match I found it quite challenging as sport is not my strong point and had to do a lot of back research reading other sports reports to get a feel for the key information needed to make one. In order to write my article I made sure to mention the score at the beginning as this is what people reading the article will want to know and will stop reading a go elsewhere if they do not find this information write away. I wrote about meaningful moments in the game and crowd reactions to give my piece more depth. ‘Where the news usually focuses on the promotion battles and relegation struggles that mark the changing fortunes of the top and bottom teams’ (Boyd: 1993: 8) with that in mind I angled my report focusing on the battle between rivals Coventry and Warwick and the struggle Warwick where facing throughout the match to create an element of drama to the piece. ‘Recognising the different angles available not only not only helps focus on the best way to tell a story, it offers the opinion of featuring different approaches’ (Hudson and Rowlands: 2007: 39).


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