Silverside Band interview


Critical refection

Music is an interest of mine and combining it with my interest in journalism seemed like the logical thing to do. First of all me and my partner discussed how we would go about creating a good journalistic piece and decided an interview would be ideal. We were told that local pub The Town Crier had live music acts every saturday so decided this is where we would find our musical act to interview.

Setting up an interview with local band Silverside meant doing research into them and finding the most appropriate contact details to set it up. I found that Facebook messaging the bands page was the most effective way of communicating; interview location, time and date were given several days in advance. ‘They need to save confidence that you are professional you know what you are doing’ (Hudson and Rowlands: 2007: 93) so I stated clear the purpose of what the interview was for and where it would be used. ‘Always have a good idea of the basic information you want from a source before you start asking questions’ (Randall 2007: 72). When compiling questions for the band I took into account their background as they were all from the local area, musical interests and ending on a question involving the audience asking if they has any advice for anyone wanting to start a band. It is important to ‘ask the questions the audience wants to hear’ (Hudson and Rowlands: 2007: 92). When doing the actual interview I used interview techniques such as active listening, not looking at notes, building a rapport, using open-ended questions and making the interview more or less flow from what they were saying. ‘Short questions generally produce succinct, dramatic, focused responses’ (Tompkins: 2007: 82) which was what I wanted out of the interview, that and anecdotes that people would remember. ‘Good anecdotes can add a tremendous amount of life to stories’ and the only real way of getting anecdotes is a “matter of chatting in a relaxed way’ (Randall 2007: 76). I managed to make the band comfortable enough to joke around and comment, “he’s from Rugby but we forgive him” which brought life to the interview with laugher involved making it more enjoyable for viewers.

I found the whole thing a learning process with highs and lows. I was left in the lurch by two member of my group who didnt show up to the pub to help: film, take notes, conduct the interview and review the performance meaning that the two of us had to all these things which I found highly stressful and irritating. But being a pair made me realise how capable I am to multitask and not be easily deterred from unfamiliar situations  and people. I am a driven person and when I want to do something I will do it. In fact a few weeks after this me and my partner conducted an interview with famous musician Billy Lang who is part of the band The Subways.

So this is a step up from local bands and also a set in the right direction in where I want my career as a music journalist to go.


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