Gig review: The 1975 live in Brixton


On their last London date of they’re sold out tour The 1975 have come along way from being just four teenagers playing in punk bands in Macclesfield. They themselves were virtually unknown for 10 years; until their smash hit Chocolate hit the airwaves soon followed by a number one album. Currently on the biggest tour of their lives the lads had to give the dedicated fans what they were asking for.

The show kicks off with the first of the warm up arts Wild Cub from Nashville. These lads were eager to please the crowd on their first ever show in London. Their sound was similar to those of Phoenix and with a small mix of The Naked and Famous; very euphoric sounding. They managed to get the crowd moving and clapping to the beat especially during their song Thunder Clatter. Altogether a great warm up act that did exactly what it said on the tin. The second warm up act to hit the stage in the form of  Wolf Alice who weren’t as skilled at getting the crowd moving. This could be to do with the more haunting songs played leaving the crowd slightly more impatient for who they really wanted to see.

The room goes silent as it fills with smoke from what seemed like fifty smoke machines and five recognisable light boxes start to glow. Members come on framed by their light boxes and the soft music begins to build the crowd await front man Matty Healy’s appearance. He appears and the crowd are electric.  Dressed head-to-toe in signature black but carrying with him a half empty bottle of red wine. Matty kicks off the show with The City which featured on one of their very first EPs also on the debut album. The heavy drumbeat worked the fans up into an immediate frenzy singing the words right back. This followed six other songs mixing between older EP classics such as Milk and Heads.Cars.Bending to the newly heard material such as M.O.N.E.Y and Talk!

An Encounter plays a hauntingly beautiful melody while the bands gather themselves for the next part of the show. Hitting us with 7 songs already where other artists would call it a day The 1975 came back with Settle Down a crowd favourite as the audience were bobbing, swaying and full on dancing to the pop rock beat plus the band themselves getting into the rhythm. Doing their signature moves with Matty taking the lead with headbands, hair flips and attempted acrobatics on George’s drum kit into the next two songs before things start to slow.

Still necking from his bottle of wine and even passing some to George who skilfully takes a swig while managing to play the drums in time the song Me begins. It is a new addition to their set list and is rarely heard, the crowd a in a daze hypnotised by the sounds. These were closely followed my two more memorising performances of Is There Someone Who Can Watch You, Fallingforyou and You tears were defiantly flowing.

HNSCC another lyric less track plays and the light dim even lower. When the lights return lead Matty is nowhere to be seen and the bringing of Menswear is in full swing as though the band aren’t aware of Matty’s disappearing act. After a good minuet of confusion there seems to be a disturbance up on the balcony section. Very few people turn to see what was happening but then the song starts up and Matty’s voice kicks in. Heads snap left and right trying to find him then spot him on the balcony looking down at the crowd below singing Menswear and the crowd singing right back. Security looked a bit more than shell shocked watching Matty weave into the balcony crowd and stop to take a few photos here and there all while singing on good form.

Running back to the stage below a little out of breath their newest single and another crowd favourite Girls was next on the list. As Matty served the crowd he noted that most in the audience were girls and that “we wrote a song about you” queue the screaming girls.

They finished with their most popular and well-known songs that put them on the map and made everyone stand up and take notice. The crowd scream the lyrics back and Matty comes down to crowd level touching hands and causing hysteria. The last song of the night was Sex the most rock influenced of their songs, heavily driven by electric guitar courtesy of Adam. To end with a bang the climax of the song was received with more smoke effect and the clear white lights throughout the show now become red. The band become more and more lively and animated with the crowds following suit giving it all they got for the last song on the night after playing an monstrous 21 songs in one night.


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