2013: Unlucky For Some But Not For Me

So 2013 is officially OVER and I can honestly say I’m sad to see it go.  2013 has been the most life changing year the most obvious change being moving out of my family home I’ve lived in since I was four to a strange city all by myself but we’ll get to that later. So here are some of my 2013 highlights…

It seems almost surreal to think that is time last year I was doing A-levels and applying to universities, my life in limbo with a million and one things hanging in the balance. Looking back to January/February time I remember feeling restless I’d been in the same environment with the same friends in the same town since I was three years old, I was ready for change- willing change to come an take me away. But what I leant in that time was that you can’t just sit around waiting for things to happen, you have to physically make changes, if you want something to happen then make it happen!

Last year I willed change to happen by taking a plunge and flying all the way to Norway by myself to stay with my friend and her family. We’d met in a unconventional way I suppose, we both ran blogs and got to talking and have been talking/texting/skyping for 3 years. This year in February our favourite band was touring the UK and I thought why not invite her and just like that she hopped on a flight, stayed at my house and we share a special moment I will never forget. Without our similar interest in this band we would never have started talking in the first place so going to see them together was emotional to say the least.

March was the college leaving party; it had been hyped to the best one to college had ever managed. In the picturesque Village Hotel we had a three-course meal that looks almost too good to eat-almost. There was lots of photo ops and swapping of old stories and emotional speeches. I was expecting tears attending the leaver’s ball because technically I would most likely never see 90% of these people ever again but in fact I was happy the atmosphere was excited and nostalgic not sad and depressing. It was a lovely way to end that chapter of my life.

Moving on the April time one of my other blogger friends from Brazil was coming to England on an exchange trip for a month so being the new ‘why not’ Courtney I didn’t hesitate to visit her often at CLU and exploring London with her. Maybe one day I will fly over to Brazil and visit who knows? I mean why not right?

Also in April I took on the Basic Expedition Leader Award also known as BELA, which pushed me physically to my limits. It basically was learning outdoor skills from map reading to gaining a certificate in first aid. After putting in hours after college every week for several months we were finally trained up enough to camp for 2 days while taking a 10k walk navigated by ourselves cooking by ourselves basically being the most independent I’d been in a while. Now anyone who knows me at all knows I am not one for the outdoors but this whole ‘why not’ motto had been going well so far so when the opportunity presented it’s self I went for it. Long shorty short I camped for 1 day and walked 5k before limping into the woods for a cry and a phone call to my mum that ended with me going home a day early and sore muscles the next week. You win some to lose some I guess, looking back though I’m glad I tried it, it was a good experience to have and I learnt a lot though maybe I’ll never been as outdoorsy as I’d like.

In May I met a group of girls who have changed my life and I consider some of closest friends even though I’ve only known them months compared to my school friends I’d known years. We had no expectations of becoming such important parts of each other’s lives and talking to each other more than our established friends. They’ve become such a staple in my life I don’t know what I’d do without them even after all the crazy amazing stuff I’ve done this year they are just maybe the most important part of my year.

May and June were a blur of revision and exams I remember having a mountains and I mean MOUNTAINGS of notes surrounding my desk and drinking my body weight in water everyday and having regular hand cramps from my crazy revision timetable. Thinking back to I cope a lot better than I did during AS, in fact I don’t think I cried once haha!

Summer consisted of preparing for uni (if I was even going) and catching up with friends. By the time August rolled around by a pure stroke of luck one of favourite bands, The 1975, I’d been a fan of for 2 years was realising an album finally and were throwing an album release party and guess who got two tickets *points at self* I’d never seen them live due to the fact none of my friends had even heard of them and rocking up to a gig alone isn’t really something I wanted to do so I kept it to myself. But the new ‘why not’ Courtney decided to just go for it and take my best friend I mean she might even end up liking them at the end of the show. It was amazing to see them perform live I got rather emotional and standing in the front row meant that lead singer Matty got to see how much the show meant to me as I welled up at a particularly important song.  Things got even better that night when my best friend became a new fan and we got to meet the band after the show. Honestly the nicest most humble people I’ve ever met, completely grateful and genuinely interested in what fans have to say to them was the icing on the cake. In fact I am seeing them 3 times this year to make up for missing out for so long.

September meant results time and getting into uni was the most reliving, exciting and scary melding of emotions I’d ever felt. My mum cried and the family were proud of me for being the first Heron to go on to university.  Now getting in seemed like the easy bit and actually going there seemed a little bit more than daunting. I’ve made some amazing friends at university a group of girls I could see becoming close with I’m excited to hang with them more also after handing in two assignments due on the same day mixed in with several amazing gigs and my birthday October and November flew by.

Into December I felt like a university pro almost like I’d been there for ages not a handful of months. And coming home from university for such a long time was a weird experience because I actually missed uni it was rather boring coming back especially as most of my home friends didn’t finish until later on also I kind of missed having my own space but it was really nice having my old home comforts, just goes to show how much I’ve really changed.

2013 has been a year of change for the better I’ve defiantly grown up a lot but I’m sure I have a lot more growing to do, I just hope it’s as fun as 2013 was. Happy New Year guys my new years resolution is continue last years of ‘why not’ and to kick that off I may have got a piercing…or three!


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