DEADlines LIVE music

So between the 24th of November and the 1st of December I have been so busy that I swear my feet hardly touched the ground.  First of all it was my birthday last Sunday, which meant trekking back down to Hampshire. It was so good to see some of my family that I hadn’t actually seen since moving to university and catching up with them, my parents gave me an iPod touch I haven’t stopping messing with since I got it and a cook book which hasn’t had any use at all I’m afraid.

After my short but sweet weekend and one day at home I headed to London-Camden to be exact, for a birthday adventure with my friends. We had two gigs lined up one after the other with the intention of being front row for both which meant queuing, lots and lots of queuing. Siting in a queue on the streets of Camden from 5am to 7pm and getting back to my friends house by 1am TWICE one night after the other almost did me in (also the fact there were people who queued even earlier than use irritated me though being second row isn’t so bad) by Thursday I headed back to Coventry sore and exhausted.

All while during this week, which was busy enough I was set with the task of writing a 2,500-word media essay due in that Friday. With only one week to write my first ever university essay the pressure was well and truly on. Using my armful of library books and every spare minute I could grasp (which yes meant working on my birthday) I’d managed to write well over 2,500 words y Thursday which unfortunately meant cutting sentences and rewording paragraphs into the wee hours of Thursday morning to post before Fridays deadline.

No rest for the wicked it seemed as I had a 9am start for news day, where our journalism class would run around like headless chickens desperate for a story to produce a news bulletin for. These stories we’d produced would then be broadcasted live and graded to make matters even more stressful. At this point I was a walking talking zombie who managed to gather her stories in time for her 3:30pm slot.

Collapsing onto my bed in preparation for another busy weekend I found myself picking up my friend from Coventry station on Saturday morning and heading over to my halls to get ready for Free Radio Live in Birmingham and concert played by the likes of Little Mix, Olly Murs, The Vamps, Lawson and so on. After grabbing lunch at Nandos we hopped onto a train to Birmingham International and the easy walk to the LG Area was stopped in its tracks by a massive line heading into the area itself. After finally getting in, finding the perfect position to stand (which is harder than you think with a friend under 5ft) and waiting for the show to start we danced and sang and had an amazing time even meeting a few of the acts after show. We got back to Coventry by 1am but again no lie in for me, as we had to catch a 10:30am train into Bristol to see Lewis Watson at Thekla. We queued for the gig at 4pm to ensure the prize of front row when the time came at 7pm. The gig was amazing with the soothing acoustics to chill me out after a hectic few days, Lewis even came into the crowd at started a good old sing-along.  We even got to meet him after the show and honestly he is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met taking the time to hang with my friend and me for a while.

So fast-forward to present day. I am still reeling from the busiest week of my life and packing to go home for the holidays, I’m more than ready for a break from the business though I must admit I’d rather be busy than board any day.


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