A chocoholic’s mecca


Nothing really compares to good old fashioned chocolate very few would disagree that we all have a chocolate caving every now and again from creamy white chocolate to rich dark chocolate to classic milk chocolate we all have our favourites. So when the opportunity to head over to Cadburys World in Bournville, Birmingham appeared my trusty chocolate lovers and me jumped at the opportunity.

As we headed to the train station at 11am sharp the excitement was palpable as we were like kids in a candy shop (almost anyway). We hopped on the train to Birmingham heading to Bournville munching on chocolate buttons the whole journey till I felt rather sick. An interesting part of the journey was the change over we had to make at the station as unbeknownst to us stood idly at the platform we watched our train pull away without us. So after about 20 minutes and 20 chocolates scoffed later another train pulled up and we hurried on.

We’d arrived at the bright purple Bournville station signalling that Cadbury’s World must be close. Following the cleverly sign posted trail we were off, the trail was rather long and showed off just how unfit I was as we walked up and down hills often walking passed buildings we initially thought were Cadbury’s World but alas were not.

The smell of melted Chocolate almost hit us like a physical blow and we knew we were close to our goal. With a sudden energy boost we bolted to the gates of Cadbury’s World eager to see what was in store. Greeted by the lovely ladies in purple and given not one, not two, but three bars of chocolate! We headed into a tropical jungle scene where we leant about the origins of chocolate through the growth of the coco bean and it once being used as currency which I though rather funny as if that were to happen nowadays I’m sure I’d be losing money through eating it rather than spending it.

We journeyed our way through to the next section of the tour; where along a walkway were virtual animation boxes each with a small film playing showing us the stages the coco bean went through to get to England. To me the first few were interesting but as you reached the 5th or so box attentions wandered, we just wanted to get to the part where we see (or more importantly eat) the chocolate.

Moving on to the next part of our chocolate seeking adventure we ended up in an old timey courtyard greeted by a man and woman in period dress but unlike their clothes would suggest they chatted to us a more than little out of character finding out that woman use to go to Coventry university like we us. The pair announced that ‘the show’ would begin in 2 minutes and with that John Cadbury, as the name suggests, the creator of the Cadburys chocolate appeared in the face of the courtyard’s clock telling us a bit of his story and inviting us inside another room with benches and a large screen with more timely figures on. Having had just about enough of staring a screen I sat reluctantly on the bench a waiting for yet another history lesson. To my surprise this show was entertaining with smoke machines, moving benches and laughter all round.

Next up was the bit we’d been waiting for the actual making of the chocolate bars, we walked passed lots of different machines that produced the tasty treats and to our taste buds delight we were given little cups of melted chocolate to enjoy while watching a few Cadbury’s staff demonstrate different ways to make the chocolates we know and love (but unfortunately we weren’t allowed to eat the finished product as it was made from ‘recycled chocolate’ sigh).

The next part of our voyage was a photo-op with a green screen placing us if different chocolate related scenarios. The pictures were rather funny and we brought them all because why not? We needed a few mementos from the great day we were spending together. We hit up the ‘Cadabra’ ride where we were placed in a cute car shaped pod and driven around a chocolate land and also another photo-op came our way as we finished the ride.


Following the ride we headed of to the ‘Purple Planet’ where there was some activities to be done and also the advertisement section where we saw all the classic Cadbury’s adverts (my favourite being the drumming gorilla!) and so on.

Our next free hit of chocolaty goodness came from ‘Essence’ where we were given the opportunity to mix up our own flavour of chocolate by adding either: marshmallows, rice crispes or white chocolate buttons to our melted chocolate pots. I went for white chocolate buttons because lets face it nothing beats chocolate like more chocolate.

Moving to the finial part of the tour and the finial part of our amazing day was the gift shop aka the worlds largest Cadbury’s shop I managed to resist temptation and only buy a bag chocolate covered pretzels….okay maybe two bags.

Reflection; I wrote about this because this trip is one of the first trips I’d taken early on in my time at uni and I think it really solidified my friendship with two of my closest friends I have living here in Coventry. I don’t really know if I would enjoy my time at all here if it wasn’t for these girls so I’m really glad I decided to go.


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