Set Sale Shopping Ahoy!

There is nothing quite like spotting something you like; whether it be that shirt you’ve been eyeing up, that game you’ve been waiting weeks for or even your favourite treat being on sale.  You think that your luck is in and you should strike while the irons hot, buy it immediately, no questions asked, it’s a once in a life time chance.  But what do you do exactly when everything you like is on sale


I recently became a student and with that come a student discount and a student loan with a large sum of money at your fingertips. I’m sure you can guess what my story is going to be about…

It was a warm Octobers day, the fresher’s fair rolls around which is a fair consisting of hundreds of discounts from food and drink to clubs and clothes all for students. I heard that there was a student shopping night coming up where shops would be keeping their doors open way after closing time (from 6-9pm to be exact) exclusively for students to shop to their hearts content. It was a sort of lock in style arrangement with DJ’s in certain stores, free goodie bags filled to the brim with cute trinkets, free food and drink, games and competitions not to mention discounts on everything you brought.

 I attended two of these events and was amazed by the discounts and not to mention free things given away for example walking into Schuh we were given a free shot of Jager as gross as it was it was still free! Also Vans were handing out free pizza and beer-an offer hard to turn down even when you have to pay.

By my calculation I had experienced 10 hours of nonstop shopping in the space of 2 days and had the scars to prove it, blisters on my feet and a hole in my wallet.  Though I had some lovely knew clothes to wear I had the pressing issue of my lack of money to live on. Being a student means living on your own and living on your own means providing for yourself, buying things you don’t often think about buying for example bathroom cleaner bin bags and most importantly food.  Now I am in a sticky situation of rationing out my food to last me as long as possible in order not to spend money and so on. So my warning to you is don’t spend what you don’t have, yes in theory you have this money but no not necessarily for the things you initially want. Sales on the surface my seem like a amazing opportunity to go all out on but you have to ask yourself:

‘Do I really need this?’: Really define the word need. If you have an abundance of clothes at home already what makes this tee shirt so special? Why do you like it? If the answer is something along the lines of ‘it’s so cheap!’ I would put it down, buying something trigged by price rather than the actual look or design is a big no no because in the end you’ll end up wondering why you brought it in the first place once sale excitement ends.

‘When would I use/wear this?’: if you come up empty then this is pretty self-explanatory.

 ‘Is it similar to something I own already?’:  You be amazed at how many times I have gone home to find something almost identical an item I’ve picked up in a sale so many make a mental note of the clothes you already own before you go charging in all guns blazing.

Ask a friend: They’ll give you their honest opinion and most likely ask you the questions above.

Following these simple steps I’m sure you’ll stay grounded and not lose your head next time you are faced with a mega sale that could leave you mega broke. Happy shopping and make sure you click those follow like and reblog buttons!


I wrote this just after I realised I only had £20 in my purse to live off for however long in my second week into uni life. I thought about things I should have done and ways to stop it from happening in the future. The shopping nights were one of my favorite events from freshers week not because of all the free and discounted stuff though that was a plus but actually bonding with some of the new friends I’d made at uni and moving from that awkward stage to a real understanding and friendship from all the hanging out and meals we shared. Though I wasted a lot of money that week I think it was worth it in the end because I got to spend time with people outside the classroom.


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