Letter to self

*A letter I wrote before heading off to uni

Hello you,

How are you feeling? I hope you’re well. As you can imagine I’ve been trying, with some difficulty, to imagine what my life-our life is like one year from now. You know what we’re like; either only focusing on what we have to do in the immediate future or skipping over ten years into the future picturing the idealistic ‘American dream’ big house, nice family and a good job with no real idea on how to grasp this.

At this point in time my life has no real purpose to me only ideas, dreams, aspirations and planning. I am in limbo, in a metaphorical waiting room if you will and I’m restless. I was restless throughout 6th form having not really changed environment from secondary school, staying in the same place from the ages of 12 to the age of 18 was wearing on me to say the least and dreams of the future became more real and more tangible nearing the end of my last year of 6th form. We made a conscious decision to do things differently, to put ourselves out there, to do things that we would normally never entertain the idea of doing. Being held back by self-doubt was a terrible way to live and I wish we’d made the change sooner nevertheless I hope you’re still sticking to our motto and taking the bull by its horns, speaking your mind and not being so easily swayed by others opinions, because, as you’re aware, it opens up a lot of doors that would have otherwise remained closed.

I think I’m finally getting a grasp on the person I am and the person I want to be. I’m hoping that in that the first year of university will have uncovered even more of me, I’m hoping I’ll have more focus and direction instead of being in this limbo, waiting for things to happen to me. I’m hoping they’ll be happen to you right now to you- the 19 year old me.

What I’m really hoping out of all the reams and reams of aspirations I want you to reach is that you are happy. If you’re happy then I’m happy. First of all I hope the move from home went well and you didn’t cry too much! I hope you made friends with everyone- I’m not worried you always seem to make a few friends wherever you go for some reason I still can’t put my finger on. I hope fresher’s week didn’t stress you out too much I know you’re not one for partying but I know you’ll give it a go.

I wonder how your first new day went, I hope you weren’t too overwhelmed and you were able to keep up to date with current events better instead of living in your little bubble. It’s important to not just look at what affects you but what affects others so I hope you are actively looking at news sites and checking your news apps still also keeping an eye out for job opportunities and making connections with people in the area of work you want to be involved in.

I hope your lectures and workshops are interesting and give you a real insight into the journalistic lifestyle what I really want from the course is to give you a direction. There are so many interesting jobs you have the opportunity to do from taking on this course and the multiple jobs I have in mind couldn’t be more different from each other so I’m trusting you to have more of an end goal or at least to have narrowed it down. Having the opportunity to work with different media platforms will hopefully have given you an idea on what you feel comfortable working with and in turn directing you in an area of journalism you’ll be happy in.

 I hope the university lets you explore the topics you’re interested about which are mainly music pop culture and human behaviour. Who knows maybe those topics bore you now though I think it unlikely considering you eat sleep and breathe these topics but perhaps university life has broadened your topics of interest – I hope so, I think it would make you a better-rounded person.  Another thing that I think will make you a well-rounded person is these Add+vantage modules. I would like to think you have taken up shorthand because I think that it will really come in handy no matter what area of journalism you end up doing; even in everyday life I suppose it would be useful.

As you’re reading this I expect you’re soon to be entering second year and within that there are many opportunities I hope you take advantage of such as taking at study year abroad, one of the reasons you chose this university was because it gave you the chance to do such a thing and I really want you to go for it and take a chance and not let yourself doubt stop you from doing things that are really good for you. Also work placements were another factor as to why you chose this course and I hope you have your eye on a few or are even currently in one which you enjoy.

I think that so far, in my current sate looking back I would say you’ve grown up massively and though sometimes things become overwhelming you’ve handled them. One of the main obstacles you’ve overcome is your ability to tolerate being alone and being more independent. You’ve become more assertive and less dependent on others approval of you and focused more on yourself rather than trying to apse others at the risk of limiting yourself. I also think you’ve become more thoughtful and take the time to look at situations from different angles before making rash decisions though being impulsive has its perks too especially when the issue is time sensitive. I hope university life only encourages these changes that you’ve made and you don’t’ panic and revert back into an introvert because it’s honestly not as fun. Your personal development will aid your professional one and I’m excited to see what the future holds!


Yours sincerely,




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