Simple Pie For the Lazy Guy


IMG_1716When at university there are a million and one things you’re expected to do and cooking is one of them. Now if your busy like me having cook a full on meal every single day is not ideal. So to fix that why not pick a simple and delicious recipe last can last you the working week easy.


  • Ready rolled Puff pastry
  • Tin of thick mushroom soup
  • A packet of ham
  • Herbs and seasonings of your choosing
  • 1 onion
  • A clove of garlic


  1. First preheat the oven to 220°C. 
  2. Then peel and dice the onion and garlic and sweat off in a pan with the bay leaves and a shot of oil. 
  3. Now cube the ham into bite-sized pieces and slice the mushrooms, dumping them both into the cooked onions for 3-4 minutes. Then leave to one side. 
  4. Pour the soup into and ham mix.
  5. Season to your liking.
  6. Put the newly combined mix into a oven proof dish
  7. Unroll the pastry on a floured surface and cut out a piece just larger than the pie dish. 
  8. Crack the egg into a bowl and use to brush around the edges of pie dish, before draping the cut pastry over and pushing down to seal. 
  9. Brush the entire pie with egg wash and bake in the oven for 30 minutes until golden all over.

Reflection of my time in Teeline


When I first decided to do Teeline shorthand it was a decision I made long before officially joining university. My aspiration is to become a journalist and having a skill like Teeline is ideal when applying for journalistic type jobs to help differentiate yourself from other applicants is a skill that is highly valued in the area of work I am hoping to be involved in. Though at the start I had no knowledge of Teeline whatsoever I was eager to learn and it was important I give it a try. I knew it would be difficult for me because it takes me a long time to remember things, having a bad memory made me apprehensive when choosing this module as I was worried I would not be able to remember the outlines.

An on going struggle with the course was that of my bad memory. I would learn something one week and forget it the next. Which was extremely frustrating and constant rote learning was boring and tedious; I often got distracted when trying to learn out of the classroom.

Rote learning however was a major reason why I retained much of the outlines also when other people whom weren’t taking shorthand found an interest in my topic. I found it fun to teach others and in turn helped me strengthen the information I learnt plus boosted my confidence in what I was doing. Also shorthand became a little quirk I could use to write notes in that others didn’t understand. I have yet to use shorthand in a serious matter because I still don’t feel that confident in my writing to rely on it more than my long hand skill but I suppose that changes with time and practice.

Particular places I struggled on the course was moving out of my comfort zone, just as I got comfortable with learning a rule for one particular outline there would be several more plus exceptions. I over came this with applying the rules rather than just simply rote learning them.

An outline I found difficult to do was the ‘f’ outline. I found it unnatural for my hand to go in that direction and often the outline would be o shaped. I continued to struggle with this outline for a while until I found that going anti clockwise felt and looked better when creating that shape.

I always found that timing wasn’t an issue I could keep up with writing at speed quite well throughout the course the only thing that was time consuming and a bad habit was going over outlines once I drew them in the hopes to improve them because writing at speed can lead to messier outlines. But when doing this I would often miss what the words being said were so my sentence was incomplete, I stopped doing this once I realised this hindered rather than helped my shorthand skill.

As to whether or not I will continue with shorthand next year I don’t know yet. The only think stopping me from continuing it is my wandering interest in other modules. Shorthand is rather tedious after a while and I have a short attention span. If I do well and get a good grade now then there is a good chance I will carry on because again it is ideal for my course however no the most interesting thing I could be doing.

Varsity Netball results



On Sunday, due to last minute location changes meant that the Coventry VS. Warwick netball match had to be moved from the scheduled Coventry home grounds to that of Warwick. This hardly dampened our spirits with a phenomenal win for Coventry with an end score of 16-35.

Before the match began the teams huddled either side of the court, Coventry in light blue and Warwick in dark swapping team tactics.

Despite this being an away game the Coventry support came out in its masses, out numbering the Warwick supporters.

The match began strong for both teams with Coventry scouring the first point and Warwick determined to equalise, keeping it close with 3 minutes left of the first quarter 5-7 to Coventry. Coventry stays in the lead, the first quarter finishing with a score of 6-9.

Strong performances from both sides centres as they both matched each other perfectly and kept one another on their toes. Both were committed to the game often there to make important passes to teammates, which set up a lot of goal opportunities for both sides.

One minute into the second quarter Coventry score again. A firm lead of 10 points to Coventry despite Warwick’s goal keeps best efforts there was lacking support from wing defence and goal defence who were kept busy by the fast moving skills of opposing teams wing attack and goal attack.

Six minutes left of the second quarter found Warwick in a bad position having only scored once and Coventry six more times.  The smooth footwork and variety of passes from the Coventry team often meant that the game took place in Warwick’s side of the court.

The half time whistle blows signifying half time with Coventry leading by 6 points.

After a rest up and orange segments passed around the third quarter begins with Warwick swapping in subs for their defensive side. Pulse crowd chanting from Warwick’s side give the team a boots after a shaky start to the match

Several minutes into the game and no points have been scored; tensions run high as players from both teams foul more often with little collisions here and there.

Finally Warwick score half way into the quarter making the score 10-20 however Coventry equalise that goal almost immediately, making the score 10-21.  Coventry now getting into the swing of things stay in the lead at the end of the third quarter adding another six points to their score.

In the final quarter Coventry are in the lead with more than double Warwicks score.

Desperate to catch up with the other team Warwick showed signs of bad sportsmanship kicking the ball away from a Coventry players reach. This earned a healthy ‘boo’ from the on looking crowd.

Coventry gave a final push toward the finish line by scoring a huge six points with only 4 minutes to go and Warwick trailing with four more points scored.

The final whistle blows and the Coventry crowd cheer as they win with a massive final score of 16-35 points.

The Coventry first and second teams win both matches against Warwick making it the first time ever in which the second team have won and the first time ever where both Coventry teams have won against Warwick, making the win all the more worth celebrating.

——————————————————————————————————————————————–Critical refection

When collecting footage for my package on the varsity netball match I was with a team from Source. We come across a few problems, the first being the sudden location change from Coventry to Warwick. But determination is perhaps the biggest difference between the ordinary and the good reporter.

We have to be on our toes at all times and in this case we decided to follow the team to Warwick. Being in unfamiliar territory meant that we had difficulty finding the netball courts endanger of missing out on the game and gathering pre-game interviews. ‘Best stories are often found not in the public part of the even but in the time spent before and after chatting to those involved’ (Randall 2007: 37). I found this out to be true when interviewing members of the team we found out facts about these match in particular that were not actually known by us. Such as it was the first time first and second Coventry teams have both won against Warwick on the same night. When interviewing it is important to understand ‘If you’re talking, you are not learning anything. Use your ears more than your mouth’ (Tompkins: 2007: 79). To avoid interrupting I did not speak during answers but used silent listening techniques such as nodding and giving eye contact ‘it shows you are interested and encourages the speaker’ without talking over them (Hudson and Rowlands: 2007: 94). The next step was finding a location to film. A drawback was that we were not allowed to film courtside for very long, which meant we had to move to the balcony where the general public had gathered. As a crowd had gathered already it was difficult to find a good location to film and again difficult to gain varying shots. To make the package more interesting I added audio from the interview I did with members of Coventry’s team, I used background noise of the crowds cheering and chanting. Shots of the crowd themselves were use to make the package more interesting with a simple and concise run down of the match.

When creating my online sports report on the varsity netball match I found it quite challenging as sport is not my strong point and had to do a lot of back research reading other sports reports to get a feel for the key information needed to make one. In order to write my article I made sure to mention the score at the beginning as this is what people reading the article will want to know and will stop reading a go elsewhere if they do not find this information write away. I wrote about meaningful moments in the game and crowd reactions to give my piece more depth. ‘Where the news usually focuses on the promotion battles and relegation struggles that mark the changing fortunes of the top and bottom teams’ (Boyd: 1993: 8) with that in mind I angled my report focusing on the battle between rivals Coventry and Warwick and the struggle Warwick where facing throughout the match to create an element of drama to the piece. ‘Recognising the different angles available not only not only helps focus on the best way to tell a story, it offers the opinion of featuring different approaches’ (Hudson and Rowlands: 2007: 39).

Running on Empty


Hiiiiii, I haven’t done one of these in a while so expect rambling nonsensicalness but I’ve honestly missed writing down my: thoughts, feelings, things that have happened to me ect cause there has been a lot these passed two months. I haven’t really had time to write everything down which bugs me, I often read other peoples dairy-like entires with envy. In fact the only reason I’m writing this is because I’m sick. Physically too ill to even think about going out or doing law revision. To the point where even thinking about revision or alcohol gives me an acute headache in the frontal lobes of my brain.

First things first I have my first ever journalism job! Not only that but it’s my dream job, as clique as it sounds it’s true. I managed to get a job writing for a website called StudentCom which is a website for students and is actually in association with the university halls I’m living with as part of StudentCom is an ISP (internet service provider). That’s not why its my dream job though I was honestly over the moon with being accepted into something real and tangible  not just this concept of learning things that have no use to me in the here and now so therefore having poor motivation for what I was doing in university is now boosted up.

StudentCom basically is working with Festival Republic who run all the mayor festivals in Europe and ask me to be a representaive for Reading festival (well I applied by showing them the type of reviews of albums I could do) and they said YES!!1! I was jumping and squealing and laughing told my best friends and they they were honestly just as happy because they know how much music means to me.

Music is basically my best friend I don’t really care how that sounds. Music doesn’t let you down like people do. There is music for every mood and occasion and I honestly couldn’t live without it. It dictates so much of my life already so working on something that you love means a lot okay I wont go deeper than that.

A bunch of other stuff happened gig wise as you can see from the array of journalism pieces I’ve done on them.

Social life wise things are really good, me and a few friends finally got a house sorted for next year which is a huge weight off my shoulders. I’ve been hanging out with the ladz a lot aka my friends that aren’t from my hometown and aren’t from uni. I love being with them because we all basically have the same vision, talk the same, act the same and just have that really weird humour no one else seems to get. But as much as a love being with them, travelling to see them/having them stay here is taking it’s toll. I’m honestly exhausted, missing class (well once and I still feel guilty for that) and turning up late (again only by like 15 minutes) isnt really my style.

When I’m with my uni friends I’m often exhausted and find it hard to communicate and I miss them a little bit. Even a term in and I’m still making good friends though which is nice. In fact me and a girl I met happen to be a fan of the same band and are going to see them together in May which is nice. I’ve only known her for about 3 weeks and every time we’ve talked in person I’ve been drunk or on the way to being drunk which isn’t ideal but I’m hoping we’ll hang out more when I have more free time. (Which looking at my calendar isn’t gonna be for another 3 weeks)

As for the home friends me and my best friend are as sold as ever though we only speak to ask one another if we’re going home. Every single time without fail we always seem to end up coming home on the same day without one bit of planning which goes to show how in sync we are. Then in turn go out for lunch and have a monster chat about everything and anything. I miss her but we’re good. Same with my other friends, a few likes of a picture on Facebook, a random snapchat and I know we’re good. Having those friendships where you don’t have to talk everyday to feel like you’re good are friendships I thrive on though most aren’t like this due to general insecurities from bothsides. I hope that soon my uni friends become stronger bonds but I guess that comes in time, for right now they feel kind of delicate but I intend to just be myself and see how it goes.

Family stuff is weird. I feel very different now than I did last term towards that atmosphere. I use to go home almost every other weekend but now I’ve only been home once with no real desire to be there. Not that I dislike home or my family-I love them but this new independence in my life feels good. I’m no longer afraid of responsibility or feeling vulnerable and in need of protection as I once was before. I don’t need that constant reassurance I use to craved and my parents are getting use to that slowly but surely. Agin like the friends thing. I don’t have to see them to know we’re good-if anything less arguments happen this way!

Anyway I’ve just taken a monster headache pill so its time for bed and this update to be over.